Erased Season 2: Will It Be Renewed?


There are tons of hidden anime gems on Netflix, but enthusiasts like “Erased.” Yet, with only 12 short episodes, the fascinating time-traveling plot leaves viewers wanting more.


– Ben Diskin portrays Satoru Fujinuma in the film. – In the role of Sachiko Fujinuma, Minami Takayama is featured. – David W. Collins portrays Gaku Yashiro.


If the writers wanted to explore Satoru’s time-traveling abilities, they could create a new plot. After “Erased,” however, a follow-up novel went in-depth into the killer’s motivations in more detail.


Because the show’s major animation studio, A-1 Pictures, is now working on other manga series, we haven’t heard anything formal about a Season 2 renewal.

Release Date

No word yet on whether “Erased” will get a second season. Therefore a release date has not yet been established.

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