Flaked Season 3


Flaked is an American comedy show on Netflix on March 11, 2016. The comedy-drama starring Will Arnett opened to mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

Season 3

The story of Flaked is about two friends, Chip and Dennis, who have a history of drinking too much. Because of this habit, their lives are in terrible shape.


Season 3 of Flaked, it is hard to guess who will be back. Still, if the creators plan to make another season, Chip, Dennis, London, and Cooler are some of the characters we would love to see again.


The last season of Flaked was Season 2. The third season will be on Netflix. Netflix has decided that there won’t be the following season.


Flaked has a TV-MA rating, which is only for adults and may not be appropriate for people younger than 17.


Since season three of Flaked is still a mystery, there won’t be a trailer for it soon. We’ll add to this section as we learn more about Flaked season three.

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