Highrise Invasion Season 2: Will Mamoru Aikawa Return In Season 2?


This is all we know about season 2 of “High Rise Invasion,” which launched on Netflix in February 2021. Once in the top 10, ‘High Rise Invasion’ attempted to construct a series foundation.


– Yuichiro Umehara plays Sniper Mask. – Haruka Shiraishi is the name of Yuri Honj’s character. – This character is played by Kuon Shinzaki, better known as Akira Sekine.

The Story

“High-Rise Invasion” finishes its first season with Mamoru Aikawa and his companions escaping Yuri and the others’ protective bubble to find success on their own.


An investigation into a cloud-touching skyscraper mystery is part of the High Rise invasion narrative. At the tender age of six or seven, the world appears normal to Yuri.

Release Date

The first season aired in February 2021, the second is likely to premiere in 2022 or 2023.

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