Hit-And-Run Season 2: Will The Series Be Renewed For Season 2?

The premiere of the first season of the original Netflix thriller “Hit & Run” occurred on August 6. Still, the series has already become one of the most popular new offerings on the streaming service.


The streaming service occasionally offers original shows an instant order for additional episodes. And there are other reasons to believe that a second season of “Hit & Run” is inevitable.


Although the program uses flashbacks to develop its plot, it’s safe to assume that most of the characters who perished in Season 1 will not return in subsequent seasons.


The first season of “Hit & Run” ended in a completely different position than it began. What began as a man’s investigation into his wife’s sudden death morphed into a convoluted narrative of international espionage.


There is no official trailer for season 2, but you can watch the season 1 official trailer.


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