Will Jett Have a Season 2?


If you like crime mysteries and shady characters, you might be looking forward to season 2 of “Jett,” a popular TV show on Cinemax whose first season came out in 2019.

Season 2

Cinemax is a type of TV network that orders high-quality original content for its viewers. Because of this, we can’t compare the number of people who watch Cinemax to those who watch HBO.

Release Date

The TV drama has been going so far, we think that Season 2 of Jett will start sometime next summer, in June 2022.


The viral last episode of season one showed how to get rid of Bestic’s personality. Jett had to face the criminal, who finally told her why he was so angry with Charlie.


Jett has a TV-MA rating, which means it’s for adults and may not be appropriate for kids under 17. This show may have one or more: foul language, explicit sexual activity, or violent scenes.

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