When Will Be Ranking Of Kings Season 2 On Air?


Season 2 of Ranking of Kings will be released. A special Summer Festival event will be held at the Tokyo International Forum on that day to honor the popular anime television series.


– Minami Hinata (Japanese) and Emily Fajardo star as Prince Bojji (English) – (Japanese) Kage – Ayumu Murase (South Korean) (English) – Rina Sat (Japanese) / Luci Christian, Queen Hilling (English)

Season 2

The first season of Ranking of Kings wrapped up most of its major storylines. To conclude the saga, King Bosse finally met his end (this time for good) after being defeated by Bojji and the Big Four.


If our prediction of a late 2024 release date is correct, we can expect a season two trailer around April 2024.

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