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Kitz Season 2: Is It Based On A True Story?


Kitz is a German mystery drama for young adults. It tells the narrative of 19-year-old waitress Lisi Madlmeyer, who finds herself in the world of a Munich clique a year after her brother’s death.


“Kitz,” on the other hand, is not based on a real story. The show doesn’t say that it’s based on a real story. But at first glance, the story’s dark look into the human brain is beautiful and full of hints.

True Story

Kitz Season 2 comes out, the show will continue the story from where it left off at the end of the first season. What’s next for Kosh has been one of the most critical questions for fans.

Season 2

Kitz, a teen drama series on Netflix, aired its first season on the 31st of December, 2021. Kitz However, no word yet on whether it will return for the Kitz Season 2.


The streamer puts out new seasons of its shows once a year. Season 1 came out in December 2021, so season 2 will likely come out in December 2022. But our best guess for when season 2 might be on Netflix is late in 2022.


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