What is the Net Worth of 'Mackenzie Scot' ?

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Makenzie Scott Tuttle was born on April 7, 1970, in San Francisco, California.


MacKenzie Scott, an American novelist, and philanthropist  She is well-known for her work with Amazon, her volunteer efforts for charitable organizations.


She completed her education at the Hotchkiss School for the Gifted in Connecticut and received her diploma in the year 1988.

Personal Life

Scott Bezos was married to Jeff Bezos, who was the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin. In 1992, she was working as his assistant at D. E. Shaw.


Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced their separation on January 9, 2019, after 25 years of marriage. As previously said, Jeff founded his billion-dollar firm in 1993, one year before he and his wife married.

Net Worth

She has a net worth of US$37.6 billion, owing to a 4% stake in Amazon, the company founded by Jeff Bezos.

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