Michael Blackson Net Worth: What Was The Turning Point In His Career?

Early Life

Jafari Ferguson was born in Tamale, Ghana, on 28 November 1972. Both of his parents worked in the theatre industry.

The Career

Michael Blackson’s career began after a buddy encouraged him to become a stand-up comedian. He then began performing in Philadelphia’s well-known comedy clubs.

Films and TV Series

Blackson has appeared in multiple films, such as The Savages, What We Do, Internet Dating, and The Mail Man. My American Nurse, Part 2 Through Sickness and Health, One Night in Vegas.

Personal Life

Michael Blackson’s prior relationships have produced three children. His eldest son is Michael Jr., followed by Noah and Niko, twins. Michael fiercely protects his children’s identities and does not discuss them publicly.

Net Worth

Michael Blackson’s Net Worth in 2022 is around $3 Million. He is one of the most renowned comedic actors in the nation and has earned widespread fame.

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