When Can We Expect The Season 2 Of The Series?

‘My Dead Ex’ tells the story of two people whose lives have been forever altered by a horrific twist of fate. Charley Albright and Ben, her hopeless admirer, are the focus of the series.

Katherine C. Hughes, who plays Charley’s lead character, leads the cast of ‘My Dead Ex.’ A rare spark of magic transforms her life. Ben, played by Ryan Lee, is a devoted fan of Charley.

While Charley Albright has a soft spot for Luke, she is constantly courted by Ben, who is adamant about asking her out. She finally agrees to go on a date with him if he promises to leave her alone afterward.

The rest of the show focuses on tracing the necklace’s history, Ben’s discovery, and the fun of using the word “zombie” as if it were politically incorrect.

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