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Pine Gap Netflix Season 2: Is It Based On A True Story?


Pine Gap is an Australian TV show that aired in 2018 on ABC. The series is a political thriller that centers on Pine Gap, an Australian and American joint defense intelligence facility southwest of the Australian town of Alice Springs.


– Sachin Jacob plays Simon Penny, – Edwina Wren plays Eloise Chambers. – Alice Keohavong plays Deborah Vora. – Jason Chong plays Zhou Lin. – Simon Keselle plays Belle James – Lewis Fitz-Gerald plays the fox.


On December 7th, 2018, Netflix (Ozark) debuted Pine Gap, an Australian armed thriller. Pine Gap, a joint Australian-American defense base, is shown to be tangled up in a succession probe on several high-profile individuals worldwide.


“[Pine Gap] is an open area, but little is known about it. It simply provided us a beautiful opportunity to investigate something while keeping it true,” producer Felicity Packard told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Based on True Story

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