What is the net worth of Ray Liotta's ?


Raymond Allen Liotta was born in Newark, New Jersey, on December 18th, 1954. This was during the year 1954.


Raymond had a career that spanned approximately 40 years. Ray was a dependable and consistent actor, even though he never worked on a blockbuster film.

Personal life

In 1997, actress and producer Michelle Grace tied the knot with actor Ray Liotta. Karsen was their daughter, and she was born.

Ray Liotta’s Death

Liotta, who was 67 years old at the time of his death, passed away peacefully in his sleep on May 26, 2022, in the Dominican Republic, which was the location of the filming of Dangerous Waters.

Real Estate

In 2019, the mansion was reportedly listed for sale for $6 million, as reported by The Los Angeles Times. On the other hand, Liotta lived in a different house in the same general area as everyone else.

Net Worth

It was anticipated that Ray Liotta’s net worth would amount to $14 million. The majority of his income was earned through television series and movie salaries.

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