Reprisal Season 2: Is Reprisal A Limited Series?

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Reprisal is one of the best American streaming TV dramas. No, I’m not a crazy person who watches a lot of dramas.

Season 2

Reprisal, a fast-paced revenge drama from Hulu, is back for a second season. It is around a brave woman who was a victim of domestic violence. When she is left to die, she launches a campaign of revenge.


The second season was filled with firearms, bloodshed, drugs, gore, and other ominous elements of the supernatural variety. In practically every episode, there is also murder and treason.


– Rodrigo Santoro portrays Joel Kelly. – Mena Massoud shows Ethan Hart. – Madison Davenport portrays Meredith Harlow. – David Dastmalchian plays Johnson. – Rhys Wakefield plays Matty.

Premiere Date

. The season has been canceled. The final episode of Season 1 of Reprisal was shown to the audience. As a result, there will not be a second season.

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