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School Of Chocolate Season 2: Who Will Judge Season 2?


School of Chocolate, debuted on Black Friday with an all-star cast. Amaury Guichon, the world-renowned chocolatier, served as the show’s judge and put eight amateur pastry chefs to the test,


The French chocolate teacher in “School of Chocolate,” Amaury Guichon, has become very important to the show. Fans on Reddit love how he gives a reality cooking competition a breath of fresh air by replacing snarky comments and unhelpful feedback with helpful advice and direction.


Season 2 of School of Chocolate has not been renewed. The official renewal decision will only be based on how many people watched the last season.


The first season came out on November 26, 2021, also Black Friday weekend. This could mean that if there is a second season, it could also come out around the same time in 2022.


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