Scissor Seven Season 4

The Chinese anime “Scissor Seven,” also known as “Killer 7,” is getting much attention worldwide because it takes the typical dark assassin story and gives it a funny twist.


“Scissor Seven,” on the other hand, is not based on a manga series like most Japanese animation is. So, it’s getting harder and harder to guess what will happen next, especially when a movie is being made.


The best friend of the blue chicken, Dai Bo, is played by Jas Patrick from Genshin Impact, and Jill Bartlett plays the flying chicken from American Dad.


If we look at the show’s history, we might be able to tell that Season 4 of Scissor Seven will also have 10 episodes.

Season 4

The third season has ten episodes, and each one lasts between 16 and 20 minutes. A date for the release of Scissor Seven Season 4 has not yet been given.

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