The Renewal Status of the Shomin Sample Season 2 If the studio decides to develop a sequel or there is still a great demand from fans, the following anime season will likely be compared to other anime.

Release Date of Shomin Sample Season 2 it will be released in late 2022 or early 2023.

Cast Rina Hidaka, Sachika Misawa, Aoi Yuki, Aika Tenkubashi.

Recap of Season 1 of Shomin Sample Kimito Kagurazaka, the protagonist, is a high school student. As a high school student, he must attend the All-Girls School Seiken. To maintain their purity, the kids at this school are segregated from the rest of society.

Where Can I Stream Shomin Sample Season 1? The first season of Shomin Sample, available on Hulu, can be seen.

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