The 8 Best Sci-fi Movies on Netflix to Stream in 2022!

1. Blade Runner

In the same way that The Road Warrior set the look and feel for many post-apocalyptic movies that came after it, Ridley Scott's grim, wet, and crowded Blade Runner did the same for pre-apocalyptic dystopias.

2. Inception

With Inception, director Christopher Nolan makes a thrilling, high-octane sci-fi drama in which the main idea isn't just a plot device but the whole story.

3. Her

Spike Jonze had too much talent to be stuck in MTV's orbit. This was clear as soon as his first feature-length film, Being John Malkovich, got him an Oscar nomination for Best Director.

4. Okja

Okja takes more creative risks in its first five minutes than most movies do in their entire runtime, and it doesn't stop there. Some critics and audiences, especially in the West, seem to have a hard time with the movie's tone

5. Looper

Joseph-Gordon Levitt plays a younger version of Bruce Willis by letting out his inner badass. With the help of CGI and prosthetics, he nails Willis's signature action presence. Rian Johnson,

6. Gattaca

Andrew Niccol's 1997 movie is less about gadgets and special effects and more about characters you care about. It's about a near-future where almost all children are made in labs and genetically changed to fix any mental or physical imperfections.

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