The Top 15 Best Global Pandemic Movies That Made You Cry

1. Outbreak

Outbreak, a 1995 thriller about a deadly hemorrhagic disease that spreads throughout California and the United States, is one of the most well-known virus films of all time.

2. The Last Man on Earth

Films depicting pandemics and viruses are not new. Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is an immune Dr. who tries to survive in a new world

3. World War Z

For this fast-paced horror film, you'll need to master the art of running. Brad Pitt plays a UN worker racing to find the origins and cure of a global zombie pandemic in World War Z

4. 12 Monkeys

We love Brad Pitt for his love of pandemic films. To learn more about a man-made virus that wiped out millions of people in the 1990s

5. Dawn of  the Dead

While many "pandemic" films end up being zombie flicks by the end of the first act, few are as beloved as Dawn of the Dead from 1978.

6. Contagion

Due to its stark and chilling depiction of a global disease outbreak, Contagion has earned a place in this list's third position.

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