When will Season 2 of Tower of God Come Out?


The dark fantasy adventure anime “Tower of God,” also called “Kami no Tou,” was made by SIU. It was based on a South Korean online manga called “manhwa.”


– Matthew Rak Wraithraiser, played by David Rudd. – As Bam, Johnny Yong Bosch. – Chris Hackney plays Khun Aguero Agnes. – Cherami Leigh as Anaak Jahad.


After going to the Tower for Rachel’s sake, Bam meets Rachel again. Rachel was greedy, so she lied to Bam right before the Official’s Test and told him that he and his friends would help her pass.

Season 2

She gets jealous of Bam and betrays him at the last minute for her benefit. Rachel climbed up the Tower by using Bam the whole time. She pushes Bam toward Shinsu Lake.


In the U.S., you can watch the show on Crunchyroll or Netflix. Tower of God, which Crunchyroll made, is now available to watch on its anime streaming service.

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