When Does Dr. Stone Season 3 Come Out?

Dr. Stone could be the name of someone’s podiatrist somewhere in the world, but in the realm of anime, he is one of the newest heroes to appear on the scene and win over the hearts of anime fans all over the world.

The source, it was verified that the new Dr. STONE Season 3 anime will begin airing sometime in 2023.

“One Piece” when you see the teaser for Season 3 of “Dr. Stone,” but you can rest assured that the tease was only signaling that Senku and his buddies will embark on a maritime adventure up next.

Dr. Stone” as well as a voice a range of new characters. Many English voice performers, including Brandon McInnis, Felecia Angelle, and Brittany Lauda, have made recurring appearances on the show throughout its run.

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