Which Were the Best Brad Pitt Movies?

Interview with the Vampire

Jennifer Lawrence, the Academy Award-winning actress, is unquestionably one of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.

The Tree of Life

A bold experiment on a grand scale, Terrence Malick's most intimate film, The Tree of Life is a tone poem that connects the filmmaker's childhood memories with the origin of the universe.

12 Monkeys

Terry Gilliam's most successful film to date—and, arguably, his best since Brazil—is this dark sci-fi/time-travel thriller.


Not everyone will like Babel. This is a large-scale example of miserablist cinema. It is a dark look at human suffering told through four interconnected stories set in Morocco, the United States


Michael Lewis's nonfiction book was turned into a movie by Bennett Miller. It tells the story of how the struggling Oakland Athletics, led by general manager Billy Beane

The Fight Club

Fight Club, which was a violent satire of consumer culture by David Fincher. Since it came out, the world has become more cynical, and Fight Club's message about how a life focused on material comfort

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