Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating: Is Lexi Rivera a Millionaire?

American YouTube and Instagram sensation Lexi Rivera are well-known worldwide. She is a woman of age, 21. She is well recognized for her humorous YouTube videos, the majority of which are pranks and challenges. Lexi is the younger sister of well-known YouTuber Brent Rivera.

Additionally, she has an Instagram account with her own name on it. She is well-known since she frequently uploads amusing videos and pictures on her account. Additionally, she uploads videos to YouTube under her own name.

Lexi Rivera Quick Info

Real Name Alexa Brooke Rivera
Date Of Birth (Age) 7th June 2001, 20 years old
Net Worth $3 Million
Followers YouTube – 8.35 Million
Followers Instagram – 8.4 Million
Followers Twitter – 14k
Followers TikTok – 21.7 Million
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Nationality American

Early Life of Lexi

In Huntington Beach, California, Lexi was born and raised in a middle-class household. She was born on June 7, 2001. (This makes her age 20.) She is extremely cherished by John and Laura Rivera. The three eldest brothers she has are Brent, Brice, and Blake. Blake plays hockey, and Brent and Brice are well-known on social media.

She graduated from Huntington High School in West Virginia in June 2019 with a high school diploma. She competed in gymnastics during her school years and took first place.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating

Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth

According to high-income sources, The estimated net worth of Lexi Rivera is $4 million. Social media influencer Lexi Rivera has a sizable fan base on YouTube and Instagram. Both of her older brothers, Brice and Brent, are well-known on social media. The majority of Lexi’s income comes from sponsorships, brand endorsing, and merchandise sales.

Over 8.4 million people follow Lexi’s lexibrookerivera account on Instagram. Many of her brothers’ YouTube videos, which have amassed millions of views, featured Lexi. Gymnast Lexi Rivera has a YouTube page that Brent started for her when she was younger and uploaded some of her gymnastics videos on. Occasionally, Lexi travels with Brent, and they have been to many other cities, including Paris. She has millions of subscribers to her YouTube channel, Alexa Rivera.

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Career Info

In order to broadcast brief films of herself performing freestyle and other activities, she created a channel with her name on YouTube in 2010. Due to her talent for creating popular videos and the superior quality of those movies, she was able to reach millions of people online. She expresses gratitude to her brother for providing ideas and for helping her get started on YouTube.

Not only is Lexi well-liked on YouTube, but also on other social media platforms. On Instagram, she has more than 6 million followers. She mostly uploads images and brief films on Instagram, but there are many moving movies of her and her partner on YouTube as well. On her YouTube channel, she shares vlogs about her daily activities, amusing practical jokes, and stretching routines for a more flexible physique.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating

Personal Life

According to rumors, Lexi Rivera has dated a number of well-known individuals in the past. Beginning in January of this year, Lexi began dating professional skateboarder Ben Azelart.

They claimed to be dating in November 2018. However, they part ways in November 2020. Even so, Lexi Rivera made a video about the breakup and uploaded it to her YouTube page. In 2022, it’s rumored that Andrew Davila, who is well-known on Instagram, is Lexi’s boyfriend.

Lexi attended the University of California for her collegiate studies after high school. In the end, Alexa dropped out of school to work in social media, and she hasn’t looked back since.

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Who is Dating Lexi Rivera?

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating

Lexi Rivera was dating Ben Alzelart, a YouTube video creator. They’ve been friends for a very long time and have worked on YouTube videos together. There was no public announcement of their impending nuptials. However, their supporters were overjoyed and began referring to them as “Lexi.” Ben and Lexi visited Japan together in 2018. Brent also joined them. But due to the sporadic nature of their relationship, they called it quits in November 2020.

There are currently reports that Lexi and Andrew Davila are dating. She prefers to keep her boyfriend a secret, though, ever since she rose to fame. She is currently unmarried, as we can see.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lexi Rivera

Who is Lexi Rivera’s Crush?

Lexi Rivera allegedly has ties to the influential individual Andrew Davila. Even though the accusations have never been proven, the two have worked together often on videos for social media and have known each other for a long time.

How Much Does Lexi Rivera Make in a Month?

The YouTube star makes about $12,000 per day from her channel. Lexi has more than 7.30 million subscribers on YouTube, and her net worth goes up every year. Lexi Rivera gets more than $1 million a year in pay, which is enough.

Is Lexi Rivera a Millionaire?

Alexa Brooke Rivera, aka Lexi Rivera, is a social media star and Instagrammer with a $3 million net worth. She is also known as Lexi Rivera. She is also well-known on social media sites and in web videos.

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